A new day, a new state!

After Fishkill I spent two nights sofa surfing in New Jersey. One of my primary school teachers (in England primary school education goes up to the age of 13 in case you don’t know how it works) moved to America with his family years ago. When my mum put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone would mind me staying with them for a few days he agreed to let me stay for as long as I wanted, which was incredibly generous of him! It was strange, even though I hadn’t seen him in seven years, my first instinct when I saw him was to say ‘hi sir!’


His family live in a town called Randolph, which is in Morris County New Jersey. It was a real pretty area and whilst I was there the weather was absolutely beautiful. They took me to my first baseball game, which was to see the Somerset Patriots. It was actually Star Wars night there (I have no idea why) which meant that sometimes you would turn and see someone dressed up as obi-wan or a Stormtrooper which was quite amusing.


As the rules were explained to me I guess most of my comparisons were made to rounders (a sport traditionally played in England by girls, which seems to have some similarities). It was great to see a traditional American sport (even if my interest did begin to waver during the second hour of the game). It also means that I can take something else off my American bucket list!

‘Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.’ Benjamin Disraeli 


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