Next stop, Nashville


The next stop on our American road trip was Nashville, Tennessee. Known as the centre of the music industry in America, it has earnt the nickname ‘Music City’. Sadly we didn’t have long in Nashville, although we still managed to fit a lot in. In the evening we visited some bars and clubs listening to the live performances on offer. We had been planning on trying line dancing, but sadly it was a very quiet Monday night when we went out so this didn’t really turn out to be an option. Still, it was incredible hearing some of the live bands and I feel really happy that I got to experience some really Country music!


The next day we explored the main street of the city. We went to a few shops selling cowboy boots and hats (and admittedly may have tried a few on) although i’m not sure that this is something I would really wear at home! Part of me had thought that maybe this fashion style was just something that was exaggerated in tv shows and in the movies. I was proved wrong however, as there really were people walking around in their boots and hats, looking every inch the modern cowboy.



In the afternoon we visited the Nashville walk of Fame. This is a tribute to musicians from all genres who have contributed to the world through song, or made a significant contribution to the music industry with connection to Nashville itself. Members celebrated on the walk of fame include Kings of Leon, Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley (to name just a few).


Personally, I thought a nice touch was the location of the Walk of Fame itself. It can be found across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and between the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and Bridgestone Arena. Essentially, it is right at the heart of the music of the city, just as it should be.


We also happened to stumble across an amazing sweet shop. It’s difficult to know where to begin describing it! I’m not sure that it would be humanly possible for anyone to walk into that shop and not at least be tempted to buy something. Sweets of every kind lined the walls, there were chocolates, lolly pops, candy apples in a dozen different flavours, marshmallows, and a huge selection of ice-creams and sorbets. It was, quite simply, heaven on earth for me!



I think that Nashville is possibly one of my favourite places that I’ve visited so far in America. The city is very attractive, and I love that the culture is obviously so alive and thriving. Walking up and down the street, you could hear amazing live music from every open window, and sitting watching the performances was incredible. I love how music can be found everywhere in this place – even in the bicycle stands! It seemed like such a happy, friendly city, and is definitely somewhere that I would visit again!


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller


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