Now, as well as being a self-confessed history geek, I am also a self-confessed musical geek. It seemed obvious therefore, that I had to go and see a broadway show whilst I was in New York! In Times Square it’s possible to buy discounted tickets to go and see a variety of shows – which is possibly as exciting for me as every Christmas and birthday i’ve ever had rolled into one!

IMG_9602These billboard type things (no idea what they’re actually called – sorry!) tell you what percentage of the original price each ticket is being sold for. I suppose it’s then up to you to decide whether you want to go see a particular show no matter what the price, or whether you make your decision based on which ticket is cheaper.

I decided to go and see Les Misérables. I’ve never seen this show live, despite loving the music (I can pretty much sing every single song off by heart) and the film. It also meant that I was able to tick two things off my bucket list at the same time (go see a broadway musical, and go see Les Mis live!)


The show was, of course, spectacular. I’ve seen a lot of musicals over the years at the West End in London, but this definitely ranks up there with my favourites. There were a couple of small details that annoyed me (like the child actors still having american accents) but these were honestly me just being a complete perfectionist and probably wouldn’t be noticed by anybody else. Whilst I wouldn’t describe the ticket as cheap it was 100% worth the money and I am indescribably happy that I have finally managed to do this!

‘We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment.’ Hilaire Belloc 


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