New York Bus Tour – Night Bus

So, the third and final trip of my day was the night tour! This departed from near Times Square (which was why it was so perfect that this is where the Uptown tour stopped). I took the 7 o’clock bus, which was the earliest available. It was also the best according to our guide, due to the fact that this time allows you to see the city as the sun is going down, and thus get to experience a New York sunset. So I would have to agree that this was probably a very good bus to choose!

IMG_0268We traveled down through Greenwich village, passing the Empire State Building along the way. We drove through China Town and saw the street where Little Italy is – two places I have to confess I was quite disappointed I didn’t manage to see. We then drove over Manhattan Bridge, which was absolutely stunning. The sun was just beginning to set and so whilst you could still clearly see the city, the lights were simultaneously beginning to appear in the nights sky. Truly beautiful.


We continued the tour through Brooklyn Heights, another area I wish I had had time to explore properly! The guide told us that in New York City (if you are living in an expensive area) the general rule is that you pay an extra million dollars for a good view, an extra million for a balcony, and an extra million for a parking space! It’s good to know that I would never be able to afford any of these things if I tried to live in that area!


The tour lasted for about 2 hours, which I think was a good time period. It truly allowed you to see the city come alive in the darkness, and we actually stopped once we had passed over Manhattan bridge so that we could all take as many photos of the city as we wanted. It was a stunning view, and one that I am incredibly pleased I had the opportunity to experience. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the route, or the history of the city, I think it would almost be worthwhile to go on this tour just so that you can experience for yourself the change in the city as the sun begins to set. It was an astonishing end to my stay in New York, and something that I am incredibly happy that I did.


‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness’ Mark Twain


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